Our Occupational Health and Safety Policy



ISO 45001“Occupational Health and Safety” Policy;


Ø  Safe and healthy working conditions will be provided to prevent work-related injuries and health deterioration,

Ø  To carry out work aimed at continuous improvement by creating İSG targets,

Ø   Continuous improvement of our performance of “Occupational Health and Safety” and compliance with all legal and other obligations to which we depend, as well as being open to technological innovations,

Ø  To take measures to minimize” Occupational Health and Safety” risks; to make work environments safe and to protect the health of our employees, to develop systems to minimize our losses in case of any accident or emergency that may occur during our activities,Training and other activities to ensure that employees are conscious of good occupational health and safety and to be adopted as a common responsibility by all personnel,

Ø  To ensure that all our employees, suppliers and visitors follow the established İSG rules,

Ø  To identify and minimize occupational health and safety risks in our workplace and activities with new technologies and effective resource use and to give importance to the opinions of our employees on this issue,

Ø  The participation of our employees and employee representatives in all our activities related to İSG Management System will be ensured and they will be consulted on all necessary matters.,

It is committed to acting according to the above principles.