Customer Satisfaction Survey

Dear Visitor,
Our aim is to provide unconditional customer satisfaction. In order to achieve our goal, we want to provide you with better quality products and services. The information you will provide through this survey will shed light on the work we will do to achieve this goal. Therefore, we want to know your thoughts. Please fill in this form by taking the necessary time for us.

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How do you find the information status of our salespeople about the products?

How do you find the behavior of our salespeople towards you?

Are our billing transactions done on time and accurately?

Do our products arrive on time in accordance with the order?

How do you find the packaging of our products?

Are your complaints answered satisfactorily?

How do you find our speed to resolve your complaints?

What is our level of competence in resolving your complaints?

How do you find the quality of the products you purchased?

How do you find the price of the products you purchased?

* What is your best reason for working with MGT Filter?

Your Requests and Suggestions (if any)

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